Neptune's harness


coucher de soleil orangé sur le fleuve, soleil apparent entre deux roches, petites vagues sur le Fleuve

Mythology and cosmetics, overview

 Why and how, we come back to this beautiful inspiration with and for you!


Minute of mythology (simplified!)


In Latin mythology, Neptune is the god of living waters and springs and the protector of fishermen and boatmen. Often associated with Poseidon for the Greeks, Neptune reigns over the marine world, it is very often represented on a chariot drawn by horses the color of seaweed and foam (oh, interesting!).


Its empire is at the bottom of the sea from where it protects those who travel by water. But Neptune is also the one that causes storms, hurricanes and tidal waves. (Besides, quite possibly we were dealing with him in the construction of Boréalie, we faced the swell a few times and almost drank the cup!).


Finally, Boréalie ended up pleasing him. He granted us the right of way and accepted our mission: to reveal the natural beauty of women through the hidden treasures of the St. Lawrence.


From the point of view of marine cosmetics

Sought after for its innumerable properties, kelp is part of the family of brown algae which, thanks to their pigments, have significant antioxidant activity. The red kelp or Kombu Royal is also called “Neptune harness” in the algae repertoire. This seaweed is the flagship active ingredient present in our products, more details on the benefits observed directly here.


algue brune, laminaire sucrée, détaillée.


And concretely?


As you may have understood, at Boréalie, we are surrounded by incredible collaborators who are not lacking in creativity. It was therefore during a meeting for the advancement of our online store that our team presented the suggestion to us, very happy with their discovery but unsure of our approval. Too poetic? A little crazy? Atypical?


It will be a unanimously adopted proposal! Our first range will be called “Neptune’s Harness”, in tribute to the power of the River, for our commitment to preserve it.


For me and Mathieu, it is also a daily reminder that Boréalie was born out of a collective work, that all those who contribute to it love it (almost) as much as we do. Thank you to the brains who recognize themselves

Thank you to the talents who came up with the idea and who will recognize themselves, it is a privilege to have you in the extended family of Boréalie.

See you soon,



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