Our Story

Fondateurs de Boréalie Cosmétiques au abords du Fleuve St-Laurent

The founders

Reconnect with the majestic

Boréalie was born during a stay on an island in the middle of the River. Caressed by the wind, stirred by the waves, Claire and Mathieu realized that the St. Lawrence accompanies our lives. To create Boréalie was to take the gamble to stop for a moment to make peace with your skin and reconnect with an environment so familiar and yet unknown: the River.

Fleuve St-Laurent Boréalie Cosmétiques

Crédit photo : Amélie Blondiaux

A clear philosophy

We use what your skin needs,

nomore and no less.

At Boréalie, we return to the fundamentals of beauty by consuming less, but better. Our formulas are short, simple and effective. We are taking part in the change towards a conscious and sustainable consumption of beauty products.

vue de la baie de Tadoussac en drône

A sincere commitment

Sustainability, the compass
of our decisions

We believe in the responsibility of businesses to contribute to the world of today and tomorrow. Our ingredients are natural. We are removing the overwrap and working to make eco-responsible choices. At Boréalie, we are proud to promote the know-how of Quebec companies and collaborators.

Baie de Tadoussac Fleuve St-Laurent Boréalie Cosmétiques

An invitation from the heart

You are your best
beauty ally

We offer a vision of beauty without miracles or false promises. Through Boréalie skincare, take advantage of moments of sweetness beneficial to you and appreciate what the River offers us as benefits at every age of life.