Adopt the silk pillowcase


Adopter la taie d'oreiller en soie

You know it, at Boréalie, what we love is taking care of you beyond our treatments. Our love for additional gestures is unfailing.

I make it a point of honor to share with you habits or gestures that have changed my relationship with beauty and definitely make me feel good!

Sleeping on silk: a princess's wish or a real beauty gesture?

After several months of use, here is my feedback.

Silk, why?

Silk is considered a noble fabric for its softness and benefits. This fabric has been recognized for millennia for its many beneficial properties for the skin and hair.

Care for our skin ... not for our pillow!

Silk fiber is indeed rich in proteins and amino acids, already used in cosmetics for their hydrating benefits (hello our cream!).

For oily skin, this means waking up without feeling like you already have a greasy film at the start of the day. For dry and/or dehydrated skin, it's an ally so that the skin doesn't tighten on waking up!

The pillowcases we usually use are made of cotton (and we love them) but this material has the annoying habit of absorbing everything that's on our skin when we sleep: its water, but also the care you apply in the evening (oil, serum..). Silk, on the other hand, has a much lower absorption capacity compared to cotton. With a silk pillowcase, you can therefore be sure that it is your skin that will benefit from the care you give it (and not your pillow)!

A silk pillowcase also causes less friction, is hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial. Characteristics particularly appreciated by sensitive skin!

 girl in bed, buried in the duvet, silk pillowcase


Your skin works at night

 Silk pillowcases are ideal for continuing to take care of your skin even after your beauty routine, until you wake up.

It is during the night that the cellular renewal of the epidermis is most active and your skin regenerates deeply. Better sleep therefore allows your face to renew itself, in the true sense of the word!


True or false?

After a few nights on a silk pillowcase, I really noticed more flexible skin, with fewer imperfections, and a complexion with more glow…(yes yes, nothing less!)

Silk is recognized for its actions against the appearance of the first signs of age such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Finally, if you are one of those people who like pillow marks on the cheek (raise your hand!), you can indeed say goodbye to them. Silk has the advantage of not leaving unsightly folds on your face when you wake up.


From a hair point of view

The silk pillowcase also makes converts among those who like to take care of their hair. Silk indeed limits static electricity and is softer for the hair fiber, where cotton would tend to rub. The ends become less split, hair is also less tangled when you wake up (I confirm!), and the previous day's blow-dry is more easily preserved.


So do we take the plunge?

Yes! Obviously, silk comes with a certain budget but it’s an investment for several years. To choose and maintain it well, refer to those whose job it is! For France, Emily’s Pillow is an undeniable crush (the quality is incredible and the finish very elegant). For Quebec, the brand SEDA highlights silk accessories and arouses my curiosity (but not yet tested).

Advice at all times

Cotton or silk, let's not forget to wash our pillowcases once a week! This frequent washing allows the dead skin, sebum and dust accumulated on the pillow to be removed, rather than ending up on your face.


You are your best ally


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