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Vue du Fleuve Saint Laurent depuis le Phare, immensité à perte de vue

Lighthouse keepers

It only takes an experience or a meeting to change a life .. Or to start a business.

In the fall of 2017, during a stay in the heart of the New York frenzy, we were struck by the reality of excessive consumption, by the real existence of a need to acquire ever faster, without ever have enough. It is midnight, Time Square lives its daily routine, packed. Large brands overflow, customers smile, come out with their arms loaded. The atmosphere is faithful to it. All. Everything is beautiful to be bought.

The return to Montreal was almost painful, kilometers eaten away by multiple questions about our Quebec strengths and the deep inner feeling of having to act, of wanting to contribute.

The story could have ended there. But.

A few weeks later, we take advantage of a weekend in the middle of the river, off Rivière-du-Loup to live a unique experience: lighthouse keepers.


End of September on an island in the middle of the River. Result? The wind whipped our faces and froze our bodies, sea spray caught our nostrils but the tides revealed little treasures to us. In 24 hours, the magic operated and the St. Lawrence River caught us, seduced and captivated.


phare au milieu du fleuve Saint-Laurent, toit rouge, murs blancs sur une petite île
Phare-du-Pot à L'Eau-de Vie, on the River, near Rivière-du-Loup


" The real journey of discovery does not consist in looking for new landscapes, but in having new eyes "

 Marcel Proust

Do you know the Phare-du-Pot à L'Eau-de Vie?

The island’s capacity is limited, meeting your lighthouse roommates is a breeze. Despite the wind howling in our ears, it was a fascinating conversation with a man from Belgium who anchored our feet in the sand at low tide. 

« In Quebec, you have a treasure that you underestimate ».

From this precise moment, everything is blurred. I don't know what our words were and what followed the conversation. The trip ended and it is thoughtful that the boat brought us back to the mainland, with a bonus of waves and gagging heart to be sure that even our bodies soak up this trip. As if the river wanted to remind us, until the last moment, that it existed.

Later, on the way back between Rivière du Loup and Montreal, our discussions led to evidence.

The River was to be part of our history.

Whatever their origins, the health benefits of the seas and oceans are no longer to be proven. While the River has nothing to envy the other immensities, what do we know about the secrets with which it is full?

We created Boréalie to take care of people differently, to combine elegance, efficiency and lighting and preservation of our natural resources.

And then, for the anecdote, the name was found by Mathieu a few weeks later ... In France! We only had one idea, it was the right one. BOREALIE. 


Our commitment: from June 2 to 5, 2020, Boréalie is committed to the Duvetnor Company, which works with passion to preserve the lower St Lawrence River islands, where it all started. A % of our turnover will be donated to them to support them in this unprecedented period for all. Thank you.

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