Unveiling Dry Brushing


Lever le voile sur le brossage à sec

The 5 Good Reasons to Start Dry Brushing (Starting Tomorrow!)


At Boréalie, our mission is to promote the treasures of the River and their daily benefits on your skin. We also commit to local, natural, and holistic beauty, taking care of all dimensions of the people who trust us.


Dry brushing has been part of my nearly daily routine for almost a year now. If the technique can make you smile, I wish I had discovered it earlier because today I couldn't do without it, given the beneficial effects it has had on my skin.


Before we start, remember that the lymphatic system is the main system responsible for the elimination of waste generated by cellular processes. So if we talk about it often, it's normal. We want to make it our ally!

The more the lymph is in motion, the better we feel!



3 key words should guide each of your brushes





The more you brush regularly, the less sensitive your skin will be (yes, because the first few times can be surprising!).

Do it with a kind look on yourself, especially, especially.  


Experience feedback

Are you ready? Here are my main arguments to encourage you to broaden your horizons and discover dry brushing;


  1. Dry brushing helps eliminate dead skin cells. After a few brushes, you will find that your skin becomes softer, smoother, firmer. (Who says yes?)


  1. A busy day? Stuck on remote work? Little time to move? If your body needs movement, dry brushing is an interesting alternative because it helps to boost blood circulation. Better circulation means action on water retention (We vote for it!)


  1. Dry brushing works like a revitalizing massage for the skin's blood vessels, tissues, the lymphatic system, and some parts of the muscles. A simple gesture with multiple benefits, still not convinced?


  1. A complete gesture that allows us to tickle our tough buddies called cellulite and dimples. Cellulite is the result of toxic waste accumulated in your body's fat cells. (And now?)


  1. A new gesture that only adds 3 to 5 minutes to your daily routine. Hard to be more efficient in such a short time. So?


Some precautions

  • Avoid weakened areas: areas of skin eruptions, wounds, cuts, sunburn…
  • Be careful on sensitive areas like the breasts (very gentle or not at all if you are uncomfortable)
  • In case of doubt or particular skin condition, validate the practice with a health professional.



  • Your "exit zones" are the groin, armpits, and collarbone, 3 zones concentrated with lymph nodes. So it is towards these three zones that you should direct your movements.
  • Start from the extremities towards the center (from the foot towards the groin; hand and arm towards the armpit);
  • For the area above the navel, brush towards the underside of the arms or the center of the collarbones. For the area below the navel as well as that of the buttocks, the movements should be directed towards the groin;
  • Don't forget to brush the underside of your feet, nails, hands, and neck.


Dry brushing is an opportunity to create time for yourself and that is also why it integrates our repertoire of beauty gestures. No need to spend too much time on it, but every minute to yourself is worth taking. Isn't it?


You are your best ally,


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  • Johanne Parent

    Il n’est plus possible de se procurer les brosses de brossage-a-sec.
    J’aimerais savoir si vous êtes en processus de fabrication pour d’autres brosses; et si oui, pouvez-vous nous donner un approximatif de temps pour la mise en vente. Merci.

    Published the September 14, 2021
  • Johanne Noel

    Je suis d’accord j’ai toujours brossé ma peau mais pas à sec
    Comment me procurer votre brosse
    et félicitations c’est super

    Published the June 17, 2021


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