Born from St-Lawrence


Né du Saint-Laurent

Back to basics


« The river. And it's a bit of me. And it's a lot of us» 

Sylvain Lelièvre. 1973.

You live on its banks or you know it for its importance in the commercial and cultural history of Quebec.

There are a thousand and one ways to evoke the majestic St. Lawrence River, and at least as many angles to tell it.

Close your eyes, breathe and wonder what place the St. Lawrence occupies in your daily life?

Borealie's bet? Highlight its treasures.

rochers du fleuve Saint-Laurent

             Photo credit : Amélie Blondiaux


For the love of the River.

The St. Lawrence feeds and inspires us.

The St. Lawrence is untameable, as are the 43 lighthouses which overlook it and which bear witness to the challenge it has always represented for navigators.

From the Great Lakes to the ocean carries millennia of stories, destinies, adventures and natural riches. Considered the largest estuary on the planet, it is both a Gulf and a River.

The multiface river

Observed by science, auscultated by oceanographers, navigated by trade, immersed and admired by enthusiasts or even the natives of its banks, the St. Lawrence River can bewitch. Its biodiversity can be guessed for some and studied for others.

A territory still sometimes unexplored, the St. Lawrence River is home to a complex ecosystem and incredible marine biodiversity. Its plain, its banks, its sky, its surface and its depth are home to a life that never ceases to amaze with its diversity.

Our third partner

The River is our source of inspiration. Boréalie opens a new chapter, that of combining its marine ingredients from the St. Lawrence River with the creation of minimalist and effective skincare to reconnect with natural beauty.

We believe in the River and the power of its ingredients.

Sail with us, rediscover the river through a respectful and authentic beauty.

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