Focus on your summer well-being


Misez sur votre bien-être estival!
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Summer solstice is knocking at our doors, bringing with it many celebrations.

Heat, light, sun, colorful fruits and vegetables, and the joy of gathering again. This summer will undoubtedly be sweet.

Sweet for our mind... and our body too!


Our skin in summer

Sweating is, only on very rare occasions, valued in our societies. Of course, steam baths and hammams are popular but let's get back to basics.

In most cases, sweating is the body's response to maintaining its temperature. Remember that the primary function of the skin is not aesthetics, but protection.


To have a smooth summer, let's take care of some essential elements: A glimpse!


The heat

  • Hello again, heavy legs

Ah yes! They are also making their return for many of us, and we did not miss them! Heat and exposure of the legs to the sun can contribute to the dilation of veins. When your venous return is not optimal, blood can stagnate in the legs and cause this sensation of heavy legs.

Several plants are recommended in phytotherapy to support our blood activity. Movement remains the most accessible gesture! Run, walk, swim, exercise, stimulating your muscles is a good move.


For me, summer is the excellent season for dry brushing. Not a day goes by without me spending a few minutes for a greater feeling of lightness.

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  • Avoid temperature differences

Who hasn't experienced walking through the fresh aisles of a grocery store in the middle of a heatwave? It's an uncomfortable sensation, isn't it? By wanting to stay too cool, the body is highly solicited and expends energy to regulate its temperature. Only a few degrees below the outside temperature are enough to make you feel better. (Besides, this avoids getting a cold in the middle of summer!). If your health allows it, go easy on the air conditioning!


Transparent water reflection and sand to illustrate the need for hydration


  • In good quantity

This is especially true during this time of year: don't wait until you're thirsty to hydrate. Your body is 80% water and loses it throughout the day (urine, sweat...). A few pieces of fruit and mint leaves in your reusable water bottle and you're set for the day!


  • At the right temperature

Speaking of temperature! Drinking cold water doesn't actually do you any good. Why? Because your body... warms it up! While you think you're quenching your thirst, your body is working to maintain its temperature. It, therefore, spends energy and... water! Room temperature water allows it to relax too.


Take care of yourself and have a great summer on the River


``` Please note that some phrases may not translate perfectly as they contain cultural nuances or idiomatic expressions that might not have an exact equivalent in English.

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